Engage Fans

Turn your fans from passive viewers to active
participants with an interactive video experience. 
Let your fans choose what they want to see, 
create new personalized content and share with

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Monetize media rights

Develop new revenue streams on digital platforms
with increased video views, ads and sponsorships

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basketball e-scouting

Check out our complete world wide basketball
scouting database. Get to know your opponents
and find your next basketball player using extensive
up-to-date personal and team reports.

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Increase Video Inventory

Let fans create custom video clips,
an in-house “YouTube” of premium content,
making your content social, viral and personalized
thus extending your reach

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WSC allows media right owners to increase their income from their digital rights for sports events, drawing fans to their online portals, mobile, tablet apps and any digital offering. Fans spend more time on the site, engaging with video clips, generating new traffic to the broadcaster’s website and apps and making new revenues from digital content.

Traditional post-production teams of sports events make one or two video clips that try to tell the story. This is a long and expensive process, and it only tells one story. There is no way for the editing team to make a suitable video clip for every sports article and every fan. Sports fans can only watch what they're given with no control. If they want to watch more of their favorite player, they simply can't. No more with WSC's 'Playmaker'.

WSC provides:

  • Content development engine technology captures and categorizes each shot in a video of a sports event (soccer, basketball, football, etc.), adding a timestamp and tagging each video shot for a variety of different uses.
  • Customizable Applications that personalize and automate video clip generation, allowing users to easily create, edit, and narrate their own “video clips” and share those clips with friends, as well as content producers and editors.


“The Playmaker was a great success and doubled the number of video views of the UEFA Champions League. The technology has a clear potential and value to digital sports right holders, with value that keeps growing with the increased popularity of getting content on PCs, mobile, tablets and Smart-TVs.”

Shira Rosenstein,
Head of Digital & New Business at RGE Group