Maximize sports content value on digital with automagical* video editing and publishing.

*Automagical – defines something that happens automatically but you can’t quite explain how it happens or the explanation is too complex. [urban dictionary]

Check out how we can help your digital sports strategy:

Production – Control and Curate your videos

Use our AVGen and Clipro tools to automate most of your production workload.

Our system tags every event, creates both in-game and post-game highlight packages and also shares every type of media to digital platforms, social media and OVPs.

We help you stay in control and focus on making sure the best content is created, curated and pushed to the right place at the right time.

Automatic Video Generation

  • Automatic generation of in-game, post-game and archive highlight packages
  • Dynamic video intros created on the fly according to the content of the clips.
  • Management system to enable you to control what types of clips will be created and when.
  • Distribution and publishing control to digital, social and OVPs

Cloud-based production

  • Instantly Clip content from live broadcast and publish it wherever your viewers are
  • Publish in real-time to any OVP (Brightcove, Ooyala, Kaltura, etc…) or social platform such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc…
  • Automated clipping for instant publishing
  • Immediate video encoding and distribution with a cloud-based digital editing tool

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Editorial – creating relevant videos for your articles

PlusVideo platform will generate, on-the-fly, relevant videos according to the context of the article you are writing about.

Our NLP algorithm enables the creation and matching of tailor-made videos to each and every article.

Automatic Videos for articles

  • Production of tailor-made videos for each and every article
  • Automatically embed related videos with CMS integration
  • Better monetization of articles and better experience for sports fans
  • Automatic distribution & syndication of relevant content

Fan Engagement – Personalized and Interactive video experience

Provide each fan a unique and personalized experience engaging with your content and helping you to generate more traffic, video views and monetization opportunities.

Put your fans in the driver’s seat

  • Personalized video for each fan according to his or her preference
  • Fans can edit their own highlight reels with video effects and soundtracks
  • Social integration helps you to know your users better
  • Smart recommendation engine shows each fan relevant videos
  • Increase time spent by fans, video inventory, video views and your reach!

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